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Building better healthcare platforms, with people at their heart

People at the heart of what we do, and at the heart of how we do it.

Why we do what we do

Through innovative design, development and services, iQ HealthTech provides tools and solutions to NHS, private and international hospitals and healthcare organisations, with a focus on refining the management of chemotherapy. With deep expertise in clinical development and years of experience supporting cancer treatment professionals, we're proud to be leaders in our field.

The company was founded from experience implenting and maintaining systems in clinical environments, driven by the ambition to expand the boundaries, quality and effectiveness of healthcare tools and platforms, and ultimately collaborate to improve patient outcomes.

Photo of Doug Baker, co-founder of iQHealthTech

“Early in my career, while working as a developer in a NHS Trust, I witnessed first-hand how incredibly dangerous it can be when healthcare systems don't share or surface data that could be critical to a patient's care. This company, the platforms we build and the values that define us, were all born from that experience”

  • Doug Baker
  • Co-founder & Business Development Director

Our platforms are now trusted by more than 15 NHS trusts and around 80% of the private medical groups in the UK, along with a growing number of hospitals worldwide. We are constantly asking how our platforms can work smarter and harder to support the people we work with, and all this is driven by a culture built on a core-set of guiding principles.

Core values

Our principles are central to the platforms we're building, the people we choose to work with and the decisions we make. They define the work that we do, and define the ways we do it.


We respect and listen to each other, and value respect, honesty and transparency in all we do.

Share knowledge

We ask for help when we need it, and we willingly provide it when there's an opportunity to support.

Create delight

We ensure our actions have a positive impact for the people they affect.

Be ambitious

We expand our boundaries by encouraging bold and creative thinking across all our teams.

Review and improve

We encourage and support continual self-development and strive to improve all we do.

Improved patient safety

We harness functionality within our systems to eradicate or mitigate errors and risk.

People-centric design

We refine our systems by listening to our users and understanding their needs

Innovation in technology

We adapt our systems to take advantage of new technology in a safe and scalable way.

Systems that integrate

We believe closed systems are hobbling healthcare. We build tools that work well with others.

Build genuine value

By harnessing SaaS models, we can deliver incredible value to our customers.

Data-driven care

Data defines our systems, enabling us to surface insights that support better care.

The senior leadership team

The iQ HealthTech management team brings together exceptional technical, practical and clinical expertise, continually guiding our projects, platforms and people…

Bastiaan Buijtenhuijs

Bastiaan Buijtenhuijs

Head of Product

With a background as an oncology specialist pharmacist, Bastiaan has moved from managing cancer treatments at a local level to influencing treatments internationally through the design and development of our bespoke EPMA system iQemo.

Liz Blake

Liz Blake

Finance & HR Manager

Liz is an experienced Finance and HR manager, who brings an expansive range of experience across a multitude of disciplines to help support, steer and strengthen the teams at iQ HealthTech.

Tamas Hickish

Tamas Hickish

Medical Director

Tamas has crammed an exceptional amount of clinical experience into a career as a consultant medical oncologist. Co-founding iQ HealthTech as the medical director and clinical safety officer, he is also a visiting professor at Bournemouth University.

Doug Baker

Doug Baker

Business Development Director

As co-founder of iQ HealthTech, Doug is focused on identifying new opportunities for our platforms to add value. "The more value we provide, the more people will use our technology, and the more patient outcomes we can positively impact".


iQ HealthTech was setup in 2011, by two software developers and a consultant oncologist, to build tools that enable better healthcare.


For the two-year launch phase between start-up and the first customer going live, the founders built the first version of iQemo at home, whilst holding down full-time jobs in the financial and healthcare sectors.


The first official version of iQemo was released in January 2013, as part of a pilot with Healthcare at Home. In November they signed-up and began a nationwide rollout, starting with just 8 consultants, which quickly ramped-up to over 150 within the first 18 months.


iQemo undergoes further development to support treatment in private hospital settings, and the first two major UK private healthcare groups start onboarding with iQemo.


Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, our first NHS hospital, signs-up in April 2015. This was a major milestone for us, enabling us to demonstrate the value iQemo could bring to the NHS.


Following several more NHS contract wins, The Christie Hospital in Manchester chooses iQemo in December. This is a game-changer, that proves iQemo can serve Europe's largest single-site cancer centre.


The March release of iQemo brings support for complex haematology prescribing for The Christie. During a rapid rollout iQemo was integrated with their PAS and lab systems, over two hundred haematology regimens built and validated and doctors, pharmacists and nurses trained in just 16 weeks. At the time it was our biggest and most challenging achievement.


Development continues for The Christie, with the remaining disease groups coming online by the end of February. That's over two thousand regimens, 13 satellite sites and over 1,500 users. Additionally, the number of private hospitals using iQemo tops 50.


iQemo roles-out across the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Alliance, with implementations across the four NHS trusts in the region, taking place between April and November.


Implementation of iQemo begins at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London. This is also the year that sees iQemo step outside the UK, with implementation beginning for South Australia Health, in collaboration with the global healthcare partner, Allscripts.

Teams at iQ HealthTech

Our multi-disciplinary and self-governing teams bring a wealth and diversity of experience and expertise, working collaboratively across projects and platforms.

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The iQ HealthTech customer success team is a large part of the day-to-day operation of our growing product range. We pride ourselves in building strong relationships, ensuring our customers and business partners achieve their desired outcomes while using our products.

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Our support desk engineers are enthusiastic about engaging with our customer base, quickly and efficiently working towards practical solutions that help our customers and business partners achieve their objectives.

Helen Evans
Featured team member

I enjoy the variation in my work; the opportunity to meet real people, doing their best to make a difference for patients on a daily basis, alongside working with our internal teams who can translate the "wouldn't it be good if..." into a reality

Helen Evans
System Implementation Specialist

Working in the NHS and Healthcare for most of her working life, Helen Initially trained as a pharmacy technician before moving to project management and implementations both in the UK and in Qatar. She loves making processes simpler and safer.

The implementation team work collaboratively with our partners and customers to safely, efficiently, and effectively implement our platforms in a holistic way. We are at the forefront of our area of work and rely on embedding and further developing best practice to ensure that what is delivered is to the highest standard.

Mark Chant
Featured team member

There's a nice, relaxed atmosphere here, and great staff. There's also a company subscription to Udemy which allows access to all sorts of courses, so you can define and learn new skills in all sorts of areas – outside of work, too.

Mark Chant
Software Tester

Coming from a background working in IT support, Mark's role as a software tester means that he gets to do what he likes best: pulling things apart and finding the problems, so our dev team can get busy fixing them.

The development team collaborate to build all new requirements but also help maintain and support existing requirements. We support and develop for iQemo and all of its dependencies, such as integration engine, and we do the same for Insurer Portal, iQ Monitor, and any new products in the pipeline.

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