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End-to-end systemic anticancer treatment prescribing

Specialist chemotherapy eprescribing, providing a complete end-to-end solution that includes predefined regimens, prescribing, scheduling and dispensing, through to chemotherapy administration and reporting.

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The benefits of iQemo chemotherapy prescribing

iQemo simplifies the prescribing of complex treatments through its intuitive user interface, so our users can spend more time with patients and less time writing prescriptions. Our cloud-based platform can be securely accessed from anywhere, providing up-to-date clinical information on any device with a web browser.

Improve patient safety

Automatic dose calculations, allergy and sensitivity alerting, decision support linked to pathology & toxicity, drug-to-drug interactions, barcoded wristband and drug scanning and more.

Designed for usability

The simple, intuitive user interface and streamlined workflows allow doctors, pharmacists and nurses to spend more of their valuable time caring for and treating patients.

Access from anywhere

Our secure cloud-platform provides a managed solution without the need to install, host or maintain any software, and can be accessed from almost any internet-connected device.

Analysis and trends

Audit all levels of your chemotherapy process to streamline the running of your cancer service. iQemo is fully compliant with all national reporting requirements, including SACT.

First-class support

Our teams have the expertise and knowledge to clearly understand any clinical or technical issues you might run into, so that we can help you quickly and efficiently.


An HL7 integration engine enables us to integrate with any PAS and pathology lab systems, ensuring that critical clinical information is available wherever and whenever you need it.

What people say about iQemo

I find iQemo the best out of the four eprescribing systems I use

Dr Nicola Anyamene
Consultant Clinical Oncologist working at BMI’s Bishops Wood Hospital & Mt Vernon
A medical professional consults with a patient receiving chemotherapy

Streamline your processes

The iQemo integration engine can be configured to integrate directly into a hospital PAS system. When a patient is referred to an oncology or haematology consultant, their referral details can be automatically imported directly into iQemo, ready for their treatment plan to be created.

Manually entering patient demographic information is time consuming and increases the risk of duplicate records. The iQemo integration engine solves this.

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Designed and built for real people

iQemo is designed and developed to meet the everyday needs of our clinical users, so they can better support the patients in their care.

Spend less time writing chemotherapy prescriptions

Predefined and validated regimen templates are not only more efficient, they dramatically improve safety and governance, too.

Reduce the risk of error with calculated drug doses

Oncology-specific drug dosing calculations are built directly into the regimens – saving you time and reducing risk even further.

Safe prescribing is baked into the heart of iQemo

Intelligent, rule-based decision support, as well as drug-to-drug interactions and allergy checking assist safer prescribing.

Access up-to-date clinical information from anywhere

iQemo integrates with key hospital systems, so you can securely access the most up to date patient information from any device.

Stay connected with smart alerts and notifications

Get email alerts when you need to assess critical infomation. And with cloud access, you can adjust prescriptions from anywhere.

On-time prescribing, with automatic reminders

Smart reminders built into iQemo can help you ensure your prescriptions are always processed on time.

“I have been using iQemo for approximately 12 months. The system is extremely easy to use and intuitive.  Addition or subtraction of medications and changing of cycles is simple. The support from iQemo has been exceptional, from building new regimens to adapting those to make prescriptions more simple.”

  • Dr Karen McAdam
  • Consultant Oncologist at Addenbrooke’s hospital

All the information you need, when you need it

Quick access to all the critical clinical information you need when you're screening a prescription – in one, easy to use interface.

Fewer emails, fewer calls, fewer frustrations

Get a detailed history of all changes made to a prescription (including the reasons why), so you don't need to ask the prescriber.

Spend less time chasing upcoming prescriptions

iQemo automatically reminds prescribers of up and coming prescriptions, so you no longer need to to chase them.

Access advanced protocol building features

Advanced protocol building capabilities support complex chemotherapy treatments, including multi-arm clinical trials.

Streamline the drug ordering process

Simplified drug ordering with integration into third-party manufacturers' ordering systems, direct from the prescription.

Workflow support for multiple pharmacies

Support for multiple pharmacy units, so only the right parts of a prescription show at the relevant pharmacy.

“Clear, legible and legal prescriptions means fewer interventions are made by pharmacy as we have fewer errors. Ultimately this saves us time. Pharmacy approved templates linked to protocols provide a seamless flow of information that is clinically accurate. Most appropriate antiemetics and TTOs for each regimen ensure patients receive the best level of care and reduced errors.”

  • Paviter Singh
  • Oncology Pharmacist for Healthcare at Home

Easier administration with all the info on one screen

Easier chemotherapy administration with all the clinical information, including details of the protocol, in one easy-to-use screen.

Treatment-driven diary management

Automatic scheduling of treatment plans based on the specified protocol, with support for cascading deferrals through cycles.

Record administration at the patient's side

With cloud-access and support for mobile devices, record chemotherapy administration without ever leaving the patient's side.

Clear, structured and safe drug charts

Reduce the risk of error with easy to read administration charts that show drugs in the correct order, based on the treatment plan.

Toxicity screening directly into the patient record

Electronically record toxicity screening, which can then be used to drive rule-based clinical decision support.

Capture and share critical notes and information

Record the patients pre-chemotherapy assessment, administration and adverse events with an intuitive note system.

“iQemo has given me more time in my working day. I no longer have to chase consultants trying to obtain signed prescriptions. I have instant knowledge of when a prescription is prescribed”

  • Sharon Richardson
  • Healthcare at Home
Photo of nurse using a computer in a ward

Build on the core iQemo functionality

iQemo's modular architecture enables us to design a system that seamlessly supports your existing processes and workflows. The iQemo diary automatically schedules chemotherapy treatment plans based on the selected protocol, and supports deferrals that will automatically cascade through all cycles of treatment.

With an electronic drug chart, iQemo enables nurses to record drug administration at the patient's side, ensuring an accurate record is captured in real time. Through smart pump integration, iQemo can even capture a timestamped, 100% accurate record of administration, directly into the chart.

Technical engineers perform administrative work on a server stack

Built on resilient technology

You need your clinical systems to be reliable, safe and responsive. iQemo is built on industry-leading technologies and platforms, to ensure our systems are secure, resilient, high-performing and scalable.

Load-balanced and redundant hosting ensures almost constant availability, across systems that are regularly penetration tested to ensure a secure and robust environment.

Learn about our technology

Learn more about the benefits of iQemo


Managing Drug Shortages in iQemo

Drug shortages have become a more common occurrence across the healthcare sector, negatively impacting the care delivered to patients and increasing stress amongst healthcare professionals. Shortages are influenced by many factors, from global events (e.g. COVID-19, Russia-Ukraine war) to financial and economical, increasing the cost of the drug and limiting the manufacture (e.g. cost of raw materials and energy to produce the drugs) (1). As a result, drug supply issues are often sudden and require immediate alternatives to be made available. This article aims to provide users with some helpful suggestions for how to manage a drug shortage within iQemo. (1) The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, June 2023, Vol 310, No 7974; 310(7974): :DOI:10.1211/ PJ.2023.1.189330

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Biosimilar switching with iQemo

Biosimilar switching is becoming more common as Rituximab, Trastuzumab and Bevacizumab all have biosimilars on the market. Due to stock shortages and contract prices, there may be a need to switch biosimilars more regularly. This will become more common as additional biosimilar products come to the market. iQemo can facilitate biosimilar switching through several mechanisms.

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Eight ways iQemo helps improve patient safety

Beyond the standard benefits of e-prescribing, iQemo provides many additional features that will help your organisation further improve the safety of its patients receiving chemotherapy.

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