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Photograph showing a barcode scanner being used to scan the barcode on drug packaging in a hospital pharmacy.

Barcode scanning: The five rights and closed-loop administration

Enhancing patient safety and reducing the burdens on clinical staff, with end-to-end administration tracking through label printing and barcode scanning support in the iQemo prescribing platform.

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Lyell McEwin Hospital - Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN), South Australia successfully implement iQemo – September 2023

We are very pleased to report the next successful iQemo activation within SA Health at Lyell McEwin Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia

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iQemo is live at Mount Gambier and Districts Health Service, South Australia – July 2023

iQHealthTech in collaboration with Altera Digital Health in Australia have celebrated the successful go-live of iQemo at Mount Gambier and Districts Health Service!

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Biosimilar switching with iQemo

Biosimilar switching is becoming more common as Rituximab, Trastuzumab and Bevacizumab all have biosimilars on the market. Due to stock shortages and contract prices, there may be a need to switch biosimilars more regularly. This will become more common as additional biosimilar products come to the market. iQemo can facilitate biosimilar switching through several mechanisms.

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Investing in support (and putting an end to ticket-tennis)

iQ HealthTech upgrade their service desk for improved, email, phone, and technical support.

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Eight ways iQemo helps improve patient safety

Beyond the standard benefits of e-prescribing, iQemo provides many additional features that will help your organisation further improve the safety of its patients receiving chemotherapy.

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Guidance: Drug formulary dose cap overrides those set at a regimen level

An explanation of the iQemo settings hierarchy, from drug-formulary to drug-level, and how that relates to dose capping.

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Too much time is spent building SACT regimens

Research by members of BOPA uncovers the clear need to streamline, standardise and share regimens across a national library.

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