Join a team dedicated to building better healthcare tools

Better for the people that use them.
Better for the patients in their care.

Join a company of multi-disciplinary and self-governing teams; working across research, design, development, product, implementations, support, customer success and more. And we're not done yet. We're always growing, and need people to grow with us.

Doctor operating a tablet computer
Oncologist explains treatment to a young patient using a tablet device

Work on projects that matter

iQ HealthTech tools and services are used by some incredible people. People who provide care across NHS and private hospitals in the UK, and within a growing number of hospitals worldwide.

As a company, we work hard to provide our teams with the guidance, governance and support they need to make great decisions when the outcomes are so critical.

Work for a company that supports you

We promote a flexible working culture, with a genuine focus on personal development and company-wide collaboration. That means everyone has a voice in the conversation, and everyone can ask for what they need to do a better job tomorrow. Even if the job they did today was already pretty damn good.

Our commitment to self-development extends well past the 400+ hours of video training our teams have hovered-up through our company-wide subscription to Udemy. We encourage and support continued development, with a say-yes attitude to learning – whether that might mean courses, conferences, qualifications or simply a good book (and the time to read it).

We discuss, listen and adapt. Whether that means changes to our toolsets or improvements to our ways of working.

With regular wellbeing one-to-ones and access to wellbeing support subscriptions, we put our people first.

A clear career development structure with quarterly reviews and goals, so people have the support they need to grow.

The best ideas can come from anyone. We work in innovative fields, and our teams are creative, trusted and empowered.

Photograph of a cat with its head on  a laptop computer

Work wherever you are

We're all learning how we do our best work. We don't always feel the need to put rules around it, so you're free to work where's best for you (and we understand that might change day-to-day).

Many of our people are fully remote, and based all-across the UK. But for those who do their best work face to face, we have a relaxed and collaborative office based in Christchurch, Dorset. Many teams choose to mix-up both.

Shayden Norris
Working at iQ HealthTech

The work here is fast paced and constantly changing. You never get bored, as there are always new and exciting challenges. Challenges you know can mean better outcomes for real people.

Shayden Norris
Customer Success Account Manager

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